On Sticky Inflation, Recession, Rumors Of Credit Suisse Collapse & Headwinds For S-REITs


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The stock markets continue to be hit by a series of pessimistic news. Stubbornly high inflation, rumors of the fall of Credit Suisse, reports of a 98% – 100% chance of a recession, S-REITs hit by headwinds from rising rates.

Last week, we held a live Zoom sharing to do a quick market update and shared our views on the above events.

Key agenda addressed in the Zoom session:

  1. Understanding the current inflation situation and that CPI data lags the actual housing market
  2. Rumors over the collapse of Credit Suisse
  3. Near 100% probability of a global recession happening
  4. S-REITs & the headwinds arising from rising interest rates

If you missed the sharing session, catch the replay video below. You may also join our Telegram Channel to receive timely updates on our future sharing sessions.

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