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Frequently Asked Questions

Workshops are shorter-form sessions that allows you to gain a basic understanding of the investing concepts. These workshops are held in a face-to-face setting for more personal interaction with our trainers.

Courses are full-fledged sessions where investors are equipped with all the essential skills, knowledge and our proprietary methodology to invest in the financial markets. Our courses are constructed in a manner to prepare you to become a critical thinker and independent investor to earn sustainable returns over the long run.

Webinars are online Zoom sessions conducted for regular sharing of market updates with our community.

For more details on each event, kindly refer to the respective event descriptions.

Yes, you will be able to follow through in the workshops and courses even if you are new to investing.

We will break down the complex investment concepts into digestible forms and there will be many examples used to illustrate the concepts taught in the workshops and courses.  You will also have a chance to work on activities to apply the knowledge learnt.

As the workshops and courses are conducted on a face-to-face setting, feel free to interact with the trainers and voice out your queries during the sessions. 

We also received rave reviews from participants of past sessions that the coaching was clear, well-paced and taught in a simple-to-understand approach.

You may drop our team an email at hello@thejoyfulinvestors.com to arrange for a make-up slot in upcoming sessions.

Our workshops and courses are typically conducted every 1-2 months. 

For workshops, you may follow us on Eventbrite to stay in the loop for the upcoming session dates.

For courses, kindly drop us an email at hello@thejoyfulinvestors.com to check on the upcoming batch intakes.



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