How To Identify Appropriate Prices To Buy & Sell Stocks?

Do you sometimes wonder why after you bought into a stock, prices started to decline by 10%, 12%… and more? Or do you find that instead of “buying low, selling high”, you have been doing the exact opposite?

In this session, we will be guiding you on how you can analyse the stock charts to understand the market sentiments and to identify buying and selling opportunities to maximise profits.

We will be showing you how you can use Technical Analysis as an investor to identify appropriate price levels to buy and sell stocks purposefully instead of doing it at random price levels.

Here are what you will gain from this session:

1.  Discover what technical analysis is and how it works to help investors understand the sentiments in the stock market.

2.  Learn how to apply useful technical indicators to identify appropriate stock price levels to buy and sell.

3.  Find out why technical analysis works over time and how you can incorporate technical analysis in your investing journey.

Who is this session for?

  • New to stock investing and looking to learn how to invest well to create an additional stream of income
  • Seasoned investor looking for a different perspective of the markets and improve your portfolio performance

Date & Time

Do refer to the sign-up link below for the dates of the upcoming sessions.

What do I have to prepare for this session?

Please bring along a laptop or tablet as there are hands-on activities for you to put your learning into practice.

Join us in this value-packed workshop to kickstart your journey in building additional stream of investment income.

Seats are limited, so reserve your seat now. See you there!