S-REITs Appear Unattractive Now – How To Navigate The Crash?

Webinar Outline:

Singapore REITs continue to be hammered by interest rate fears and appear unattractive. Many investors have since lost confidence in the S-REITs investments.

We will share with you some key pointers that investors should keep in mind so as to manage their expectations in this investing journey.

Over in U.S, the S&P 500 recently saw a retracement to one of the key support levels before rebounding. As investors remained glued to how inflation and rate hikes would impact the U.S market, we were thrown with news of the Israel war while we head into the S&P 500 earnings season.

In this Zoom webinar, we will share with you a quick update on these events and how they may impact the U.S stock market.

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Webinar Date & Time:

Date: 26 October 2023, Thursday

Time: 7.30pm SGT