How To Build Passive Income With Singapore REITs

In this session, we will be guiding you on how you can build your own regular stream of income through Singapore REITs investing.

Here are what you will gain from this session:

1.  Discover how REITs work and how you can grow your wealth through S-REITs investing.

2.  Apply the framework to cherry-pick S-REITs to invest in. (Learn it once, and you will be able to repeat the selection process on your own!)

3.  Learn how to buy S-REITs at reasonable prices which the majority of retail investors are unable to.

4.  Find out the important areas to take note during trade order execution.

5.  We will walk you through the key considerations when deciding between REIT ETFs and S-REITs stocks to invest in, and learn which is more suitable for you.

Who is this session for?

  • New to dividend investing and looking to learn how to build an investment portfolio of S-REITs to generate cashflow
  • Seasoned investor looking for a different perspective of the markets and improve your portfolio performance

Date & Time

Do refer to the sign-up link below for the dates of the upcoming sessions.

What do I have to prepare for this session?

Do bring along a laptop or tablet as there are hands-on activities for you to put your learning into practice.

Join us in this value-packed workshop to kickstart your journey in building passive income.

Seats are limited, so reserve your seat now. See you there!

If you wish to kickstart your learning on dividend investing before the workshop, you may check out some videos here.