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About RoboJoy Advised Portfolio Services

Many retail investors lack the time, resources, or know how to successfully manage their investment decisions. This causes many to pay high advisory fees in overly diversified portfolios that significantly eat into the long term returns of the portfolio. Other self-directed investors may also make emotional decisions that include investing too aggressively at high prices and too conservatively at bargain prices. All these result in less than ideal performance.

My name is Kathy, co-founder of The Joyful Investors. Apart from educating and empowering individual investors to manage their own investment portfolio, our advised portfolio service is available to retail investors who wish to adopt our investing methodology in a passive manner through our licensed intermediaries.

RoboJoy Investing Philosophy

In RoboJoy, we focus on ideas and concepts that are the most important to the passive investor who may even be just getting started. Our investing strategies in RoboJoy are inspired by our proprietary Moneyball approach which has its roots from Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland Athletics, who turned their fortune around to build a winning baseball team using statistics despite the constraint of a limited payroll. 

Our philosophy puts special emphasis on buying high conviction companies in the US that meet our specific criteria, with accompanying price movements that behave reliably based on our methodology and avoiding behavioral errors. We like companies which have an economic moat that is hard to replicate and are highly resilient to future changes. 

The largest risk in investing comes from the behavior of the novice investor. Better than average returns can be achieved by focusing on value and price and avoiding cognitive biases. We are proud that our methodology allows retail investors to avoid the common pitfalls that may otherwise arise.

This is not a get-rich-quick plan, nor do we offer any risky short cuts to financial wealth. It is quite the opposite. We are dedicated to helping investors implement sound investment strategies that build wealth overtime sustainably like the way we did for our Moneyball Investing portfolio. 

Staying Ahead Of The Curve

Selecting the right stocks at the right time can be time consuming and difficult. Our RoboJoy portfolio is a time saving approach that allows you to build your portfolio without emotional bias in building a solid portfolio of US growth stocks. This is a pure buy and hold approach which helps investors to save on commissions in the long run. However, as time evolves, we may also recommend changes to the components when newer attractive opportunities arise or if the fundamentals of any existing companies have deteriorated. This is to ensure that we stay current and continue to keep abreast of the market.

In short, RoboJoy will allow retail investors to have the opportunity to invest alongside us following our Moneyball investing methodology in a high quality, concentrated portfolio of 15-20 resilient companies held for the long term.

Our Stock Selection Process

We hand-pick a basket of US stocks that will become our investable universe by identifying the “best of breed” through our robust screening process. Our complete selection process is covered extensively in our flagship investing programs, namely The Moneyball Investors Playbook and The Moneyball Options Playbook.

We invest in companies with some of the following criteria but not limited to:

Companies that have a lasting competitive advantage. We like to find businesses that have a wide economic moat that can stand the test of time. They often have pricing power and are all able to continue to do well even in a bad economy or in an inflationary environment. We will shy away from companies that have the possibility of becoming obsolete due to technological innovation.

Businesses with high returns on equity. We believe that companies which are capable of generating profits more efficiently tend to offer more superior returns for investors. A high return on equity is often a sign of high growth rates into the future too.

Stability in price movements. We aim to capture upside movements while minimizing drawdowns for the portfolio. Backtesting is an integral component to our risk management process and enables us to sift out the stocks that behave reliably according to our proprietary analysis methods. 

*Please note that in this publication we do not disclose every single factor nor the weightings of each factor and that this article should be used as a guide.

Growth Of RoboJoy US Portfolio

RoboJoy Portfolio Growth

Illustration shows the growth of RoboJoy US Growth Portfolio with $10,000 starting in 2015. The performance data featured represents past performance, which is no guarantee of future results. Investment return and principal value may fluctuate.

Portfolio Performance

Portfolio Returns

RoboJoy Annual Returns
RoboJoy Rolling Returns
RoboJoy Rolling Returns (36 Months)_
RoboJoy Rolling Returns (60 Months)_

How is The RoboJoy Portfolio different compared to the Moneyball Portfolio?

While both solutions offered by The Joyful Investors enable investors to get started into their investment journey, they aren’t exactly similar. The RoboJoy Portfolio is an advised portfolio constructed under the directions of The Joyful Investors while The Moneyball Portfolio is termed as such for our graduated students who are now competent to become self-directed investors using our principles and methodology taught in our flagship courses. Our students may also have the option to enroll into the RoboJoy portfolio alongside their own Moneyball Portfolio.

Here’s a quick rundown to help you understand the key differences between the RoboJoy Portfolio and the Moneyball Portfolio.

RoboJoy comparison

Be proactive towards your financial future!

While it is important to choose a suitable solution to help you get going in your investment journey, this should not be a stumbling block for you. After all, you can always make changes if your situation has changed over time. It is not uncommon for some passive investors to eventually find more time and would like to take more ownership of their portfolio. This is where our 2-day Moneyball Investing Playbook Course can help them achieve that.

Thus, regardless of whether you decide to go with RoboJoy in a passive manner or to become a Moneyball investing graduate, the key is to take action that will improve your financial outcomes in time to come.


Most of us will understand the importance of investing and how it can provide for long-term financial security for us. Despite knowing much about stocks, most retail investors are however unable to profit from it and make it a joyful endeavor. To empower investors to achieve their goals, The Joyful Investors have developed two options to help investors get started in their investing journey: doing it passively by investing into an advised portfolio by RoboJoy or learning how to do it themselves by learning the proprietary Moneyball Investing methodology. Both paths have proven themselves to be reliable in outperforming the market over the long term to empower investors to become a step closer to financial independence.

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