Options Investors Playbook Course

Accelerate Investment Returns With Options
In A Safe Manner

Join Our Fam And Learn To Be A Joyful Investor Today!

Despite knowing a little about investing, the truth is that most retail investors are unable to profit from it and make it a joyful endeavor. 

Join us as we hand-hold you in your investment journey to learn simple, proven ways to potentially outperform the market with high probabilities in the long run.

What You Will Learn
In This Course

Build A Solid Foundation In Option Concepts

Gain a deep understanding of the mechanics of options so that you are able to navigate the complexities of the option market with confidence.

Learn Option Strategies That Complement With Your Stock Investment Portfolio

Accelerate overall returns in the stock market through option strategies that complement your long-term stock investing portfolio to earn additional cashflow.

Be Adept At Managing Your Option Positions Under Various Market Conditions

Know how to react to various scenarios that may possibly play out when the market conditions change.

Course Curriculum

Gain a complete understanding of the fundamental principles of options—what it entails to become a buyer and seller of options, and learn why the value of options will fluctuate in the stock market.

Understand the key moving parts of how options are priced and how to interpret the Greeks to assess the risk and devise our strategies.

Learn how you can earn extra source of income in addition to the typical capital gains, even if the stock prices are moving sideways or falling.

Learn how to get paid while waiting to own a stock at your desired entry price.

We will put together everything we learn to implement a strategy that allows you to earn income from options, capital gains and dividend income.

What is learning without any hands-on activities? Put on your thinking caps to identify upcoming opportunities in the market to execute the options strategies learnt.

Bonus Module On Technical Analysis!

Attend a value-added module on Technical Analysis where you will learn how to analyse stock price movements to help you identify upcoming option trade opportunities.

You will also gain an added advantage of being able to buy good stocks at appropriate prices by studying the chart patterns, applying statistical tools and indicators.

Your Financial Joy Awaits!

We have it all planned out for you.

Investing is a life skill.

Yet, it is one of the most overlooked life skills. The ability to invest well is as important as our literacy skills or communication skills.

If you are ready to take charge of your financial future, I can’t wait to share the knowledge with you and help you transform into a confident investor.

See you there!

The Joyful Investors

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will be able to get started on Options with the comprehensive knowledge taught in the OIP course.

The OIP course is designed to impart the necessary practical knowledge required for an investor to execute option strategies that complement his long-term stock investment portfolio to generate additional cashflow and income.

In the OIP course, we break down the complex options jargons and concepts into simpler, understandable knowledge to facilitate better learning for our mentees.

However if you do not have any prior knowledge and experience on stocks investing, it is recommended to first begin with the Moneyball Investors Playbook Course. This allows you to be equipped with the right skills and mindset for stock investing before you move on to the OIP course to smoothen the learning curve.

We believe that learning shouldn’t just end after the course ends. Upon execution of the option strategies in the financial market, additional queries may surface after our mentees consolidate their learning.

Therefore, we provide dedicated post-course Q&A support to address these queries and to hand-hold them in their investing journey.

No, there is no further tools or software to purchase.

Options is a versatile and more complex financial instrument. It is essential to be equipped with the practical knowledge that extends beyond mere theoretical understanding.

The OIP course delves into the intricacies of the option strategies, risk management techniques, combined with the sharing of practical knowledge by the coaches to empower our students to execute the option strategies and navigate the financial market confidently.

The course fee is a valuable investment you make for your financial future to avert the opportunity costs and/or real losses you may otherwise incur when you experience drawdowns. These losses can easily exceed the course fee for the OIP programme.