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Despite knowing a little about investing, the truth is that most retail investors are unable to profit from it and make it a joyful endeavor. 

Join us as we hand-hold you in your investment journey to learn simple, proven ways to potentially outperform the market with high probabilities in the long run.

Course Curriculum

Kickstart your learning with the overarching concepts of personal finance such as cash flow management and the journey towards attaining financial freedom.

Gain an overview of the financial market, understand how it works and learn the investment terminologies and concepts that will come in handy during your investment journey.

Know how to analyze, what to look out for and what not to, in order to screen for the quality stocks to buy.

Learn how to execute minimal risk entries by studying the chart patterns, applying statistical tools and indicators.

Get a regular stream of income by becoming a landlord. Learn what are the different types of REITs and how and when to buy them.

Now that you know how to outsmart the masses or what is termed as dumb money, learn how the smart money invests and swim with the whales.

We will put together everything that we learn and understand how to construct your investment portfolio to achieve good returns and low volatility.

Complete your learning by obtaining an understanding of the behaviour and psychology of investors. Learn why many retail investors lose money and what you should and should not do.

Now that you know what to buy and when to buy, you need to understand the various trade execution methods and learn how to maneuver the brokerage platforms.

What is learning without any hands-on activities? Get a chance to perform buying and selling decisions through our specially designed simulation game.

End off the day with some practical administrative tips that can make your investment journey simpler.

Your Financial Joy Awaits!

We have it all planned out for you.

Investing is a life skill.

Yet, it is one of the most overlooked life skills. The ability to invest well is as important as our literacy skills or communication skills.

If you are ready to take charge of your financial future, I can’t wait to share the knowledge with you and help you transform into a confident investor.

See you there!

The Joyful Investors

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will be able to get started on investing with the comprehensive knowledge taught in the Moneyball Investors Playbook course. The MIP course is constructed to impart the necessary knowledge required for a novice investor to commence his investing journey.

Firstly, the market is dynamic. Stock prices do not only move in one direction. If you were to compare one point in time to another, you will definitely see your portfolio returns changing. When it comes to quantifying the duration to see the results, one has to look at the bigger picture over a reasonable time frame, say looking at annual returns rather than overwhelming yourself with weekly returns or fortnightly returns.

Next, we need to understand that other than the ‘usual’ price movements under normal market conditions, our portfolio will also be affected during market crashes. If you happen to learn and start investing just before a market crash, your portfolio performance will reasonably be expected to be affected. Hence, how long it takes to earn profits is also dependent on the market conditions but you should see your returns over time as long as you consistently apply the strategies that we taught in our MIP course.

No, the concepts taught in the MIP course are applicable to all stock markets.

No, there is no further tools or software to purchase.

This is a common perception shared by many novice investors and it is further amplified by the short-term gains from hype stocks and other speculative investments. Nonetheless, most of them begin to feel the hit over the long term when prices eventually collapse from the speculation. As a result, many lose costly sums and have to start all over again.

The course fee is a valuable investment you make for your financial future to avert the opportunity costs and/or real losses you may otherwise incur when you experience drawdowns. These losses can easily exceed the course fee for the MIP programme.

The Joyful Investors always advocate our students and the TJI community to invest for sustainable returns. Our MIP course is specially designed to impart the essential knowledge to consistently perform well in the stock market.

We also understand that learning does not stop after the MIP course. Our students may still have queries after the MIP course. This is why we have specially put up a post-course review session for our students to consolidate their learning and thoughts and we will assist to clear those queries.